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Cute Ribbon and Hair Accessories Organizer

Look what Martha received from Dainty Ashley a few weeks ago!

It’s the latest offering, a headband and ribbon/hair accessories organizer. We get to customize the colors of the ribbon and the design on the frame (or you can swap a picture of your lovely daughter wearing her hair accessories on that one too!). And there will be more designs available in the next few weeks (think wooden hanging letters!)

If you are looking into for supplies for equipment, you can go to Dainty Ashley for your daughter’s hair accessory needs!

It's here. Thanks so much for the gift @Dainty Ashley! And yes, marami pa di nakabit! Nawawala ang most used headbands ever - white Julia and pink Kelsey!

We have pretty much every Hannah color there is, and Ella too. But I think there are new colors that we need to get. I am on a no-shopping ban for Martha’s accessories for now since I am saving for her little party in two months. For sure though, she will be sporting a Dainty Ashley hair accessory for her birthday!

Here she is @daintyashley :)

Thanks again Dainty Ashley!

You can check out Dainty Ashley here:

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Her Lalaloopsy Craze Has Began

Look what are her new favorite toys:

Shot by Martha. Saw this in my camera roll (she borrowed my phone while she played in her room)

Martha has began her addiction to Lalaloopsy dolls. And I am afraid that her mom is more addicted than her. She has gotten two big dolls and one little sister last Christmas – Cinder Slippers from her own Christmas money, Cocoa Toffee Cuddles from Santa and Squirt Little Top from her godfather.

And did you know why Santa gave her Cocoa Toffee Cuddles? Because Cocoa Toffee Cuddles loves to make notes and give them to people (so totally like her). This made her smile, “Santa knows me!”, she exclaims.

Now she has this list of to-buy:

Martha's wishlist: Ivory Ice Crystals, Jewel Sparkles, Pix E. Flutters Sahara Mirage, Blossom Flowerpot, Tippy Tumblelina

Martha’s wishlist: Ivory Ice Crystals, Jewel Sparkles, Pix E. Flutters
Sahara Mirage, Blossom Flowerpot, Tippy Tumblelina

For her graduation, if she is in the Top 10 and for her birthday, she said. HA!

New Chibi Dolls!

Remember this post?

My sister-in-law saw them and found them too cute that I had an idea to give them to her daughters. She loved them!

Can you guess where the inspiration of the dolls came from?

New chibis from @the_claycraft_studio!!! Loooove!

from top to bottom, left to right:
1. Marilyn Monroe
2. A Laker’s fan (athletic too!)
3. A cute girly girl
4. A corporate lady
5. A health buff (doing yoga) — totally dig her Nike outfit, check out the details!
6. A music-loving girl, hence the iPod with the headphones.

Thank you again Zanne, for giving in to my rush requests. (You can send her an inquiry – she makes custom chibi dolls!)

You can find The Clay Craft Studio here:

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What Martha Gave Her Classmates and Friends Last Christmas

Martha gave little somethings to her classmates this year. It has been a tradition and I like the idea of the kids have the idea that they should give too instead of receiving all the time during Christmas.

This time, I ordered from friends who have small home-based businesses who pride themselves in doing lovingly handmade items.

Little somethings for the rest of her classmates. @embellisheddesigns12/31: a beautiful sight - Marts assembling little tokens for her classmates next week @embellisheddesigns

Marts was so excited to give cute personalized notepads and pens to her classmates. They all come in a customized pillow box too. Nyree of Embellished Design can design every printable you need. I am sure to get her for Martha’s birthday party!

You can find Embellished Design Studio here:

Excited to give these to her BFFs. Thanks again @daintyashley! #PhotoShake

And since Marts love hair accessories, or what she calls “ipit”, she insisted she give her closest friends one each from Dainty Ashley. Dainty Ashley offers birthday packages too, to adorn little girls and boys with accessories fit to your party (this is why I was able to afford giving “ipits” to her classmates!).

You can find Dainty Ashley here:


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Martha’s Hair Accessories of Choice: Dainty Ashley

Martha is such a girly-girl. Who knew that she would be like this when I thought she was such a tomboy when she was 3? Right now, she wants to grow her hair long like Barbie and have bangs like Mika in the ABS CBN teleserye Princess & I. And she wants to use different hair accessories to style her hair.

Just look at her stash of hair accessories (and this picture isn’t even updated now):

It's fun to be a girl! #squaready #packingstuffawaymakesyourealize @daintyashley

We order 90% of hair accessories through Dainty Ashley. It is a home-based business run solely by a friend who has two kids, one of whom is daughter named Ashley. Not because she is a friend, but I personally vouch for her professionalism when dealing with transactions and the craftiness of her creations. Most of her creations are sourced overseas, and sell cheaply than those at

Super duper happy with everything :) @daintyashley

Here are some modeling pictures of just a few of Marts’ hair pieces:

My pretty girl rocking her @daintyashley hairpiece :) (gamit na lahat mai! Ung rare piece na lang)Marts and her doll Anna. Her other one is Sophia.
18/31: Loots from Dainty Ashley Thank you @daintyashley!Byko's 1st Birthday Party

From L-R: (top) wearing Mikee duo (a fave of mine), wearing Sophia; (bottom) wearing various headbands : Sophia, Kelsey, Rare Headband of Prima Flowers, Tiffany, wearing Julia (her favorite)

You can check out Dainty Ashley here:

**And no, this is not a sponsored post.