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Hello Summer.

Remember I wrote a few posts down that I am currently loving the weather we are having lately? I actually wrote (and I quote) “Is it March? I don’t even feel hot!”. It turns out I spoke too soon.

I find it ironic that winds just stopped howling around our house and the clouds seemed to disappear overnight. It was as if Summer rang an alarm and shouted, “I am coming!” and they all dispersed immediately.

Not that is has been hot. It has not be swelteringly hot. But warm. We feel the absence of strong winds. We notice that our fan isn’t on (the past months we don’t even bother turning it on). Yes. Summer has arrived. I can only imagine how worse it can get in the following weeks.

It is interesting to note that we have held out on air conditioning service hamilton for the longest time. We are currently in our 5th year of resisting in buying one. My husband tells me at least we wouldn’t worry about air conditioning repair hamilton or an increase in our electricity bills. But who knows? I might actually be desperate (and hot) enough this year.

Or maybe not.
We love our airy house. Let’s hope it holds up to let whatever wind is blowing this summer.

New House: Things I Love About v.1

I have good things to say about our new house and one of them is the open space and very airy layout of it. We finally get to enjoy the cold breeze of the mountains where we live all day. In fact, it can get really cold that we don’t even need to use the fan at night. The tiled floors are also very cold that we need to wear slippers all the time (I am used to walking around barefoot). While we do not need heaters (yet), we might want to explore spray open cell spray foam in the future.

What is Open Cell Spray Foam?

Open-cell spray foam is an efficient and economical type of insulation and has several features that make it a great choice for your needs.

Here are some of its advantages:
1. The tiny cells that make up the foam are not completely closed, allowing air to fill in the spaces within the material. This makes it a lower density, economical choice for insulation.
2. Open cell foam is more permeable to moisture, so it should not be used in exterior applications or in situations where it could come in contact with water (e.g. roofing applications).

This is a good application to explore if we want to insulate our home in the future.

Around Here…

Moved in.

We have officially moved in our new place last Wednesday (11.14.12). First sleepover and all. Our new place is really cold.

I realize we have too much stuff we need a big house.

But we still don’t have much stuff to be able to hold our stuff.

It is bleeding me dry. Expenses, stress and all.


Worrying about internet connection.

Afraid sometimes. We need to boost security.

Happy with our place.

I think I need a couple of months to get used to not hearing and seeing everything that is happening around the house. And that I cannot see the TV while working or hear Caren working in the kitchen. Speaking of the kitchen, I can finally cook again with the kitchen being inside the house. Moving and unpacking is a stressful time. I am wondering why we ever decided to move in one of the busiest and most expensive months in a year – holiday month. I think it’s going to be a lean Christmas, but it’s actually OK. We are just going to be filling it with lotsa love and candies 😛

Countdown to Moving (Again)

We are due to move out in a week and we still have so many things to do, both in the current house and the house we are moving into. We also haven’t been able to get a truck or moving van to transport our big stuff so the plan right now is have the husband transport boxes using our car, little by little. It’s a good thing the house we are moving into is just near it would not be a waste of gas.

We also need to clean the new house first. I think we need to install new lights, check doorknobs (the landlord gave us the option to replace knobs for our security but nobody has rented there before, it’s just him) and have the windows measured for curtains.

One of the good things we love about the new house is that we do not have to contract APMBuildings to build us a garage, because the garage has overhead roofing so our car would not be subject to heat and rain. It would be easier for us too whenever it rains. However, we are still thinking whether to extend it. The landlord is looking to build a barnyard in the bottom of the slope (we are going to be perched on top) – since the land is still his. He would be storing his supplies there.

I really hope that our new house move will prove to be beneficial and a blessing for us. Here’s to new beginnings!