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Radio Funk

Since we all have hosting packages here at the office (free), most of my officemates have used it to upload mp3s and movies and torrents of shows. My good friend, Judith, though, has uploaded music – which I constantly listen to, every single day. She even takes requests.

Now one random fact about me, is that when I like a song, I can listen to it over and over and over again, until I get tired of it, LOL.

Here are ones on my playlist, I listen to them on repeat most of the times. It’s really heavy on the beat, because I dont want to listen to senti stuff when Im almost always sleepy, LOL. I need adrenaline to rush through my fat clogged blood veins, LOL. I miss dancing.

Makes Me Wonder – Maroon 5
1,2, Step – Ciara And Jabba
Promiscous – Nelly Furtado
Boutique In Heaven – Justin Timberlake
Somewhere In My Past – Divo Bayer (I know, out of place sya dyan! LOL)

Share yours! Care to share any music you listen to lately?

(Alam nyo naman ako, laging outdated – LOL – and I have very eclectic taste so try me – wag lang heavy rock ha!)

And who am I not to listen to Big Girls Don’t Cry by Fergie?. My Peter Petrelli is there! I like him dirty! WOOOHOOO! Sexxay!!! ROFL :)