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frustrated with our internet connection situation. It seems we have found a solution but we need to wait for them to get a modem and then they can install. Patience is a virtue.

worried about some spots I’ve been seeing in my youngest’s back. It’s along her spine so we need to have it checked.

loving how the husband is being all Handy Manny around the house.

proud of the two kids – they have good grades from the previous grading period. Martha went from Top 9 to Top 4! WTG Marts!

feeling a little sluggish and tired. I know it’s because of all the things I’ve been eating. I have not been eating dinner for two days now and plan to exercise soon. Maybe the 1st of December will be perfect – it’s just so hard to manage time when I need to work outside from home (Believe me when I get home I feel so tired already!)

hoping to get paid soon. Story of my (working) life.

excited and anxious about Christmas. Is it really going to be December in two days? I am not ready yet!