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Five Keys to Business Success

For Marco Nordio, success in business depends to a large degree on maintaining the right attitudes and staying positive in the face of challenges. Here are five keys to achieving greater success in the business world.


Even during the toughest times, remaining calm and focusing on desired goals can help to ensure a greater measure of success. Companies that stay the course during difficult economic or marketplace conditions are more likely to weather these storms and to maintain a viable market position when the economy or the market conditions improve.
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Bill Mulrow: Harvard Kennedy School, Yesterday and Today

The Harvard Graduate School of Public Administration opened its doors to its first class of students in 1937. Its faculty came from the departments of government and economics at Harvard University. When it originally opened, the Graduate School of Public Administration offered a one-year program. The one-year program later became the Master of Public Administration.

By 1966, the Harvard Graduate School of Public Administration had been renamed the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. Today, the school is also referred to as the Harvard Kennedy School. Along with its new name came a new home. The school moved from its original location by Harvard Yard to the site of a former railway yard adjacent to the Charles River in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where students like Bill Mulrow began their postgraduate education.

Along with a new name came new degree programs including master’s degree programs in the following areas:

• Public policy
• Public administration
• International development

The Harvard Kennedy School also offers programs leading to doctoral degrees and executive programs tailored to the needs of senior officials in government. Under the guidance of its dean of nine years, David Ellwood, the school conducts research focusing on politics, economics, government and international affairs.

Noted graduates of the John F. Kennedy School of Government include Bill Mulrow, William Proxmire, Ashley Judd and Bill O’Reilly. One infamous graduate was Andrey Bezrukov who graduated in 2000 as Donald Heathfield. The school stripped the degree from him after it was revealed that he working as a spy for Russia.

The school offers current and former students like Bill Mulrow courses in diverse policy areas including:

• International trade and finance
• International affairs
• Health care
• Business and government
• Human resources, labor and education
• Housing and urban development
• Political economy and development

Students have the opportunity to select courses offered at other graduate and professional schools at the university. Other courses available to students at the Harvard Kennedy School include those offered at the Sloan School of Management at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Tufts University’s Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy and the School of Architecture and Planning at MIT.

A notable addition to the educational experience offered by the Harvard Kennedy School occurred in 1966 with the creation of the Harvard Institute of Politics by the school’s assistant dean, Richard Neustadt. The institute is located on the school’s campus and hosts programs, study group and speeches for the benefit of undergraduate and graduate students of Harvard University.

The John F. Kennedy School of Government ranks as one of the leading public affairs graduate institutions in the country. Foreign Policy magazine ranked the school as topping its list of international relations degree programs. U.S. News & World Report ranked the school in a tie for second place, but gave it the top rating for its public policy analysis, social policy programs and health policy and management.

Students benefit from a network of alumni, such as Bill Mulrow, who hold high-ranking positions in state and federal government, business, education and politics. The school also offers students joint and concurrent degree programs within the university and in conjunction with other institutions such as Northwestern University, Yale Law School, the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, Columbia Law School and Dartmouth College.

Why Hire a Local SEO Company

When you are looking for a search engine optimization company, you should first consider hiring a local SEO company. Although it is not necessary to hire someone local, there are advantages to doing so. One of the largest advantages of doing so is having the ability to go and meet in person. When you can meet with them in person, you have a greater ability to hold them accountable. This is not a matter of a company being good or bad because they are local or not, but rather understanding the human nature. When meeting with someone in person, the odds are that the person will be far better prepared to report. In addition, in anticipation of the reporting, more work will be done. This is the way everyone naturally reacts and therefore it becomes an advantage to hire someone local.

What Are Proper Expectations of an SEO Company?

When considering the work done by the company you have hired to do your SEO, you should first consider how much work they have done. Encourage them to consult with you and give direction on how you can help. If you are putting forth efforts in your own Internet marketing, the odds are you will get better results. SEO takes time. It is easy to become frustrated and worried that results are not coming. In common cases, it will take four to six months to see results coming in. However, if there are deeper-rooted problems, it can take even longer. Rather than looking at rankings alone, watch the bottom line and see if that is improving.

What Is the Proper Budget for SEO?

It is hard to know how much to spend in SEO marketing. However, this is another benefit of using a local SEO company. You can consult with them about other local businesses in the area and get an idea of what others are spending. Though they are not going to tell you who their other clients are, they can help you understand what others in the area are spending that is close in size to your business. If you are concerned, start small. Always make sure the amount you are spending is comfortable, without stretching so far that it becomes a make-or-break situation.

Jason Vedadi Brings Titanium Builders to North Dakota

Titanium Builders and Development is North Dakota’s premier new building company. Owner Jason Vedadi launched the company in Spokane, Washington, in 2006. As the company flourished, it expanded to Montana, Idaho, Arizona and, most recently, North Dakota. Vedadi’s goal is not to be North Dakota’s biggest building company, but to be one of the best builders in the state. In other words, Jason sought quality over quantity.

How Titanium Builders and Development Does Business

It is not Titanium Builders and Development’s mission to become a huge yet impersonal business in North Dakota. Rather, the company seeks to build quality relationships with customers by demonstrating integrity, holding strong ties in the community and being highly committed to quality. By following these practices, Titanium Builders and Development is well on its way to becoming one of the best quality builders in the state.

Titanium Builders Projects

Titanium Builders and Development has completed a wide range of services for its clients. A few examples of past jobs include creating a 1,600-unit workforce housing project in the Bakken Oil Field, building a waste-water treatment facility, modernizing a boutique hotel, creating multi-family housing units and remodeling residential homes.

Because of Titanium Builders and Development’s diversity, there is virtually no project out of its realm of expertise. The company can handle nearly any project, be it industrial, residential or commercial. Perhaps the most prestigious projects of Titanium Builders and Development’s history is its planned community project called Hunter’s Run.

Hunter’s Run

Hunter’s Run is a planned community designed to give individuals access to high-quality homes while remaining in close proximity to stores, parks, schools and doctors’ offices. The homes are all designed in a contemporary manner and come complete with pristine landscaping. Residents of Hunter’s Run have only to walk out their door to access beautifully manicured parks designed with the residents in mind. Titanium Builders and Development hopes to create more planned communities such as Hunter’s Run in the future.

Jason Vedadi at the Helm

Jason Vedadi started Titanium Builders after graduating from the University of Montana and owning a successful mortgage company for many years. His knowledge of the mortgage industry and real estate has helped him lead his Titanium Builders company through years of successful expansion.

Titanium Builders and Development is already hugely successful in North Dakota, boasting several completed jobs and numerous satisfied customers. The company currently employs 30 individuals. However, if business keeps growing at the current rate, there will likely be even more jobs available with this growing company. Jason Vedadi looks forward to building the future of Titanium Builders as his company continues to build high-quality development for communities across the country.

Small Business Ownership Is a Key to Success in Today’s Economy

Today’s economy is a tough one for most people. Unemployment is high and jobs are hard to find. Those who have jobs are finding they have to work more hours for less money and fewer benefits. Large companies that have been around for decades are going out of business. Consumer confidence is low and so is spending. It may seem like there is no choice but to cut household expenses dramatically and tough it out until things get better. However, there is another choice. You could open your own small business.

This may seem counter-intuitive for the times. If so many large companies are going out of business, then why would now be a good time to strike out on your own and start a small one? For many people, now is a great time to start your own small business. In fact, many of the richest families in the world got that way by starting small businesses during the Great Depression. While economic downturns are bad for big businesses, they can help small ones thrive. The unique societal conditions that come with a bad economy open up all sorts of new niche opportunities for the creative-minded entrepreneur.

It is true that people spend less money during economic downturns. This is largely because they have less money to spend. The key to success in starting a small business during these times is to figure out what people are spending their money on and cater to that at a reasonable price and with better service than your competitors. One excellent niche to consider is the home-inspection business, particularly if you join a successful, proven franchise like A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections.

The real estate market is pretty slow for regular people looking to buy houses right now, but it is thriving for investors who want to take advantage of some of the most unbelievable housing deals in decades. In fact, investors are getting into bidding wars with each other over the best deals on the market. Sometimes those wars even drive up the original asking price of a house. Good deals are snapped up very quickly and investors know they need to stay on top of things to get the best houses at the best prices. This puts them into direct competition with traditional home buyers who plan to live in the home they purchase.

This intense competition among investors means that quality real estate agents, title companies and home-inspection companies like A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections are profiting. In fact, Bill Redfern started a Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections right at the very start of the housing market crash in 2007. He knew it was the perfect time to start such a business and he hasn’t been disappointed. The company is now franchised across many states and is thriving. A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections filled an open niche that was left by the housing market crash and the slow economy has not stopped the company from prospering one bit. If you’ve always dreamed of owning a small business and you have the right idea, such as teaming with A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections, this may be the perfect time to start.