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Thank You 2012.


edil turned 33. i turned 31. project life. year of the dragon. mugen bunjaku arrived. ate came. guinarona. holy week. lola rose went to heaven. WWA. hospital admission. swim class for kids. martha turned 6. club princess party. prep. grade 6. kumon math and reading. therapy for marts. ending therapy for marts. editor in chief for mato. new niece (and nephew). 1st place RSPC. 2nd place math contest. cliniquing. edil went to singapore. house move. numerous parties. mom had cancer. morong, bataan. tagaytay. koya died. christmas. family complete.

Thank you for the good times. It has given us the much-needed strength for the tough times. Thank you for the hard times. It has made us realize what really is, bottom-line, important. I do not have any wish for 2013, just that He keep me under His care and for me to never forget His Love for me. That in the hard times, I see the purpose and that I rise up to whatever is needed of me.

So thank you 2012. One for the books.


frustrated with our internet connection situation. It seems we have found a solution but we need to wait for them to get a modem and then they can install. Patience is a virtue.

worried about some spots I’ve been seeing in my youngest’s back. It’s along her spine so we need to have it checked.

loving how the husband is being all Handy Manny around the house.

proud of the two kids – they have good grades from the previous grading period. Martha went from Top 9 to Top 4! WTG Marts!

feeling a little sluggish and tired. I know it’s because of all the things I’ve been eating. I have not been eating dinner for two days now and plan to exercise soon. Maybe the 1st of December will be perfect – it’s just so hard to manage time when I need to work outside from home (Believe me when I get home I feel so tired already!)

hoping to get paid soon. Story of my (working) life.

excited and anxious about Christmas. Is it really going to be December in two days? I am not ready yet!

It’s starting to feel like Christmas!

We usually put our tree up on the last week of October but because we were about move houses it got delayed. It took a week for us to finally get settled in so we were able to put our tree up on Thanksgiving Eve.

Putting up the tree.

It was me and Edil who put the tree up. He took care of the lights and I took care of decorating it. It’s the same tree we have since 2010, we only switched to white LED lights. It still needs a tree topper – thinking whether to put a star or an angel on top. We also need to display the rest – stockings, my little Christmas village, Santa mugs and our nativity. I also want to have a Christmas wreath by the door. Hopefully we get to prettify our house before December rolls in!

I don’t know why but whenever a tree is put up, the holiday season is felt almost immediately. My daughter has been telling “Lapit na Christmas!” at least once a day ever since our tree was up it’s making me and the husband anxious — hahaha!

Gratitude Leads to Joy.

This was supposed to be a Thanksgiving post.

Source: via Kelley on Pinterest
I wanted to do a 30 days of gratitude this month but like how all my grand noble plans are, they fell into dust. With the house move, holiday parties, get togethers and work we’ve done, the choice to sleep instead of doing something crafty and self-reflection sounded like a better one.

Each year, I find myself more grateful than the year past. God lets me see how He much loves me and it can really make me feel unworthy. But He doesn’t really see my unworthiness. He loves me as me, and I can try to give back all that He has given me, but it will never be enough. But you see, all He really wants for me is try, and share what I have and let other know how much they are loved.

I have always adapted this behavior that there is always something to be thankful for, even if everything seems to be not OK. If u are thankful for even the little things, you will find joy. And joy leads to hope. Grace. Peace. “All I have is all I need.” — something we all should be reminded of all the time. Grateful for the good and the bad things this year. Still very much blessed that I get to see things as something I may not understand now but can accept.

We tend to forget that happiness doesn’t come as a result of getting something we don’t have, but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have
– Frederick Keonig

The secret to having it all…is knowing you already do.

Those who are happiest, never did have everything. But rather, they are thankful for everything they do have

It is not happy people who are thankful, it is thankful people who are happy.

You will never get what you want until you are thankful for what you have.
– Michael P. Watson

Someone else is happy with less than what you have.

Jampacked November

It truly has been a jampacked November! All our weekends are dedicated to parties, reunions and get togethers. The holiday season is truly here. While it can be tiring, since most of the parties are done in the city, we would not trade it for anything since we were able to reconnect and most importantly, have fun and show them we care.

1st weekend of November: We started it with the early Christmas party of my online friends.

2nd weekend of November: I took a Mommy day off and went to see my high school friends and college best buds for a whole Saturday. It was very fun and nice to reconnect with high school friends. Even better to catch up with my college best buds. We only get together once a year but hopefully we can schedule a meet up every quarter. The logistics of meeting up is complicated since we live from north to south and one of us is a doctor (chief resident in fact!) but we try…that’s why we are best friends!

3rd weekend of November: We spent a day with my godson who turned 6 and chose to celebrate it with his relatives. And then we went to another good friend’s 7th birthday party the next day.

You would think with our social activities we would have a nice family picture for our 4 People Times 12 project. Nope! Between Edil going to Singapore for 11 days and then moving to a new home and attending different functions, we still have no picture! That is on my to-do list this weekend, after our parents’ retreat from our kids’ school and PTC.

See how jampacked November is!