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Love for Music

Love for music apparently runs deep in both sides of our family. My parents and siblings are good singers and two of them were in a band before. My husband’s side of the family are avid fans of the karaoke. Never will they miss a chance to sing everytime they get together – and they sing pretty well too! This is why I have been praying the my kids inherit their musicality, not mine. I cannot sing to save my life :). So I was very happy to discover my eldest taking an interest to playing the guitar (he doesn’t need the ibanez de7 pedal yet though) and having a good singing voice! He sang when he joined a competition in school and many noted that his voice was pretty good!

The Kids and School

We weren’t able to attend the kids’ PTC last weekend so we had the chance to talk to their respective teachers individually the past few days. In a jiffy, the kids retained their academic standing but there were a few notes on their cards. The princess is showing good progress with regards to communicating orally. She has become more talkative but is still shy especially when being called to recite by herself. Her teacher has suggested she be evaluated with her speech since she feels that it is the reason why she doesn’t want to talk in front of class. It also has caused her to be a bit behind with reading so we will be enrolling her in additional classes and evaluated as well. I have always felt that the princess is a bit shy and doesn’t have that much confidence (her speech + missing teeth are contributing factors) so I really hope that she can catch up by next schoolyear. Her teacher assured me though that she is bright since she still is one of the top 10 students in class – her reading skills just need a little push. Distance Learning might be a solution during summer so she can still continue with her lessons.

The Big Brother, meanwhile, has some attitude adjustments to make. The Daed was the one to talk with his teacher and oh boy, it was a good thing I wasn’t there. It’s hard where to stand with your tweener. You need to tread the thin line of being a friend and being a parent and be cool and still be respected. But as we have learned during our parents’ retreat at school, Archbishop Tagle said kids don’t need friends. They need parents – standards, rules, expectations, consistency. This is how they should be brought up.

Parenting is hard! It makes me miss having babies even more :)


We celebrated six years of married bliss yesterday. Whatever plans we had for the day didn’t work out too well as the typhoon Falcon ruined our plans. It was raining cats and dogs (with winds howling) all day so it was smarter for us to stay home. We just went out briefly to get ourselves some pizza and coffee and holed ourselves up at home watching movies. We are now on season 5 of Supernatural and I cannot wait to finally get updated with the series.I hope the weather cooperates tomorrow as we have a birthday party to attend to – it was so foggy when we were in Tagaytay that for a moment we thought we needed some vortex binoculars.

Halfway There.

Next week, it’s going to be July. And we are officially halfway done with the year. My 4People Twelve Times project is still going strong, and save for my HUGE blogging backlog, everything is up to date. We are going to be focusing on getting back our health this later part of the year. Edil has been given the go signal to start exercising and he is excited to play basketball again. I need to go on a serious diet so I can start walking again. My knees and ankles cannot bear the strain and weight when I exercise. Hopefully I can lose 10-15lbs this month, and I can exercise again.

Work has been slow, which is scary, but I remember we have been in worse situations before and we have survived. I just need to trust in Divine Providence. Trust me, I am calmer and more relaxed now more than ever. I just hope that there would be no cases of credit card hacking, Paypal phishing or electronic pickpocketing so I would not be as stressed.

Things to Blog About – Mid Year

I clearly have fallen off the blogging wagon. Ever since summer started then May kicked in (with Martha’s birthday, Mother’s day and getting ready to go back to school), I have never been busier that I don’t even have time to look for titles online.

Now the kids are back in school – they are both gone by early morning so I now have my working schedule back. I hope that I get to go back my groove soon, my mind *and my pocket* surely need it!