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Math Programs for Struggling Students

Software programs and tools that can help a child who is struggling with Math

As defined in wikipedia, Primary education is the first stage of compulsory education that a student will enter. In primary education, math subject is one of the core subjects that are given importance in the school’s curriculum. But it is a known fact that many students struggle in Math and schools have acknowledge this as most schools, whether private or public, have introduced and have been supporting math intervention programs to help struggling students.

One of the intervention programs being supported by the schools is the software tool that introduces math programs for struggling students. This program has the tools that provide kids with individual attention or it allows students to join small groups to help them overcome their math challenges. These software programs help kids overcome their struggle with a minor difficulty, students who are performing below the grade level standards and even those who are at a very high risk of failing.

What the software does is that it provide the kids a variety of math lessons, that they can study and use as a guide at their own pace. The software programs make use of its tracking system to record the progress of the child in the lesson, the problems that were answered incorrectly, and other important metrics that can help measure the progress and learning curve of the child.
These software tools are very useful and it provides a variety of benefits like:

  1. It can help determine problem areas. It is difficult for parents to know which subject or topic their child is struggling. But with the use of this software program, the progress of the child is being tracked which can highlight the areas that need guidance and additional reinforcement.
  2. The software programs also allows the kids to practice even when at home and as their level progresses, the software can intelligently track the kids’ performance level so it can give new exercises that matches the students skill.
  3. Aside from being educational, these software programs offers a more manipulative and interactive activities making learning more fun.

Regular practice is the key to succeed in math and with the aid of these software programs, any students can have easy access to these practice worksheets and exercises that will help keep kids from falling behind, and in many cases, can help kids to excel too.

Affordable Mobile Music For All

Music on their Phones(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Many people like to have music in their phones because during work hours, at the gym or during travel, they can simply put on their ear phones and listen to music that inspires them. Unfortunately, not everyone gets to have music on their phones because it will either cost them time to transfer by synching, or hundreds of dollars just to download their favorite songs. Fortunately for those who are looking for affordable mobile music, they can consider Muve Music as one of their choices. If families require to have budget-friendly mobile plans, Cricket offers them an affordable package bundle wherein they can get a good phone and their music as well.
1. The Benefits of Having an Affordable Rate Plan

Muve Music provides affordable plans for music lovers that not only allows them to access hundreds of songs, but will also get the subscribers features and benefits that they’ll truly enjoy. Families who have more than just one child will benefit from their rate plans because they can get one that will satisfy their children and at the same time, give them the chance to afford the monthly rate as well as all the other expenses the family has to incur. Instead of having to pay a few dollars for each song, they can now provide their children with unlimited downloads at a price they can pay. Services also include all the music being backed up as well. If one of your family member loses their phones, they can still retrieve all their music in their playlist on their new device. Other features include internet, SMS and calls, that are subject to the plan purchased.
2. The Benefits of Muve Music Expanding Globally

Many families in the United States enjoy the benefits of having Muve Music in their phones. Not only are the parents enjoying an affordable rate plan per month, their children enjoy the possibility of downloading unlimited songs into their phones. This compromise helps both parents and their children meet at a satisfactory agreement. However, if families in the U.S have problems meeting budget with the wants of their children, so do the families that live in other countries. This is why when Cricket Muve Music expands globally, many families in other countries may also enjoy the benefits of downloading as many songs into their phones. Besides the unlimited amount of songs they can have, they can also enjoy an organized playlist, song identification feature and the capability to socialize with friends and their phones through a My Social feature in Muve Music.

It can be hard to find affordable mobile music for everyone in the family. It can be unfair if parents allow one child to get unlimited downloads, while the other only gets a pay-per-song phone due to budget constraints. Families who are looking to keep their budget and satisfy their children can now enjoy the affordable rate plans from Cricket and the benefits they can get.

Martha’s Turning 6!

Martha has been counting down to her birthday since February and now it is only two weeks away! She really wants a party – specifically a ballet (barbie princess) party – and already has listed all the things she wants to receive as gifts. So if you are planning to send a monogrammed gift, please make sure it is pink and girly, because that is what Martha is into these days.

So far, all I have ever accomplished is order her cake (have talked with the supplier and she has yet to give me a working design). I have also inquired at possible places I can take her – Club Princess is a great probability. As for her gift wishlist, I can easily get them as soon we have money :P

Wow, my girl is turning SIX! Time flies!

Feed the Fishies


I snapped this picture yesterday when my Edil and the kids were feeding the fishes at the Nuvali park. I can’t help but be amazed by how tall my son has become – a year or two from now, when they face wall mirrors I am sure he will be taller than his Dad already. All the signs of puberty are slowly manifesting themselves.