Monthly Archives: April 2012

Martha’s Turning 6!

Martha has been counting down to her birthday since February and now it is only two weeks away! She really wants a party – specifically a ballet (barbie princess) party – and already has listed all the things she wants to receive as gifts. So if you are planning to send a monogrammed gift, please make sure it is pink and girly, because that is what Martha is into these days.

So far, all I have ever accomplished is order her cake (have talked with the supplier and she has yet to give me a working design). I have also inquired at possible places I can take her – Club Princess is a great probability. As for her gift wishlist, I can easily get them as soon we have money 😛

Wow, my girl is turning SIX! Time flies!

Feed the Fishies


I snapped this picture yesterday when my Edil and the kids were feeding the fishes at the Nuvali park. I can’t help but be amazed by how tall my son has become – a year or two from now, when they face wall mirrors I am sure he will be taller than his Dad already. All the signs of puberty are slowly manifesting themselves.

Enrollment Time

Enrollment time. We will have graduates by March 2013! Yey!!

The years are passing like a blur. We enrolled the kids today and they are going to be Grade 6 and Prep this schoolyear! By next year, I will have a high schooler and an elementary student! Wow, my kids are definitely no longer babies :(

Pretty soon, instead of backpacks, my sons would be using mens leather briefcases to go to work instead of school.

And I really just want to freeze time as it is right now and make them stay kids.

Happy Thoughts

1. WWA Pilipinas 2012
2. Being with the family, eating and just talking
3. Game of Thrones + Glee is BACK!
4. Steps taken for diagnosing what is happening to my health
5. Last night <3. Ultreya. My list may be shorter than the previous lists but trust me, the first & last ones are gigantic, unfathomable blessings that have left me feeling veryveryveryvery happy. Even if I don't find dell coupons to replace my current Dell laptop with, I am still veryveryveryvery happy.

April is the month to beat!