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Too much going in our household right now that all my blogging plans and to-do’s need to take a backseat. Need to do a bit of living and making memories around here. However, the kids are on vacation, officially, but they go back for one more day for the announcement of honor students. It is hot and the little one is begging for a swimming pool so she can swim all day. Too bad we don’t have space for anything for more than a batya :P.

1. Kids officially on vacation.
2. Catching up on Project Life. I am now on week 10 (which makes me only a week behind).
3. Awesome weekend at the Shrine.
4. Another basketball tournament for Dad to join and us to cheer in.
5. Sibling bonding last weekend (Army Navy + Dance Central)
6. Medicines working.
7. Choc-ful of Martha-isms again. I thought we were officially done with that stage!
8. Good family picture for March
9. More workload. This means we have money for the influx of expenses that comes with summer and enrollment.
10. Grey’s Anatomy and TVD are back!

In other news I am trying to decide whether to throw a party for Martha, complete with led lighting backdrop or just forgo and just go on a swimming party. My parents will not be here on her birthday so we need to make other plans. That and the closest weekend to Mart’s birthday is again, Mother’s Day!

Tell me what you think!

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