Saints’ Parade

Hello November!

This was the last school activity for the kids before they went on sembreak. Instead of doing the more popular tradition of Halloween trick or treating, the school told the kids to go dressed up as a saint and introduce themselves to class. After much thought about it and with the brilliant suggestion of my sister, I decided to let them go as Padre Pio and St. Cecilia after deliberating it over whether getting an Aldelo System for a restaurant a friend is putting up would be more cost-effective of not.

Of course I had to make sure they dress the part (I have Google images to show off the seamstress!);
Here is my Padre Pio and St. Cecilia:

Matthew joined a couple of contests as well. Martha almost cried trying to memorize her “little” speech. Haha. I seriously do not know what approach to take with the little girl.

She was supposed to say:
“Good morning everyone, I am St. Cecilia, the patroness of music. My feast day is November 22. Music is the language of the soul. I thank you.”

And she told me, all she was able to say was “Good morning everyone, I am St. Cecilia.”

Tell me what you think!

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