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Around the House.

TGIF! If we had surround speakers at home, it will be blasted all over. Not that we will actually have a relaxing weekend because:

1. Matthew is part of of the group of representatives from his school for the annual inter-school DSPC (Press Conference). He is the only 5th grader to join the group and we are very proud of that little fact. We try to make sure we encourage and support him, and that means picking him up from school at 5PM everyday for two weeks and sending him off at 5:30AM for the next three days. He is slated to join the feature writing contest and I am confident that he will be outshining everyone :) — whether or not he actually places. He is my son, he is the best in my eyes :)

2. Martha is uber uber excited to see T’Abbie tomorrow to celebrate her birthday. When I told her it was her tita’s birthday and we were going out tomorrow, she jumped up and down and screamed, “Yehey! I lab Tita Abbie! Birthday ni Tita Abbie!” and she actually was in the middle of making a masterpiece (a birthday card) when she told me her head hurts – and I told her to “rest” and lie down and in less than two minutes, she was fast asleep. Ha!

Martha has not drank milk from a bottle since Monday. I only kept one bottle for her since August, and when she “misplaced” it during her sleep last Sunday, I told our househelp to throw it away. She still misses it. She actually is trying to ask her Dad to go to SM – for selfish reasons (because “Miss ko na talaga dede in a bottle Mom eh”), but she has picked up eating solids. I know there are a few unsolicited advice to let kids wean themselves out from drinking from the bottle. While I originally intended Martha to wean herself out, I noticed that she has become increasingly lazy to eat solids, especially after arriving home from school. She would rather lie down, drink milk and watch TV. (Mas masarap nga naman un) Now, she eats lunch, eats snacks, eats dinner AND eats before going to sleep. If she is like me, I am sure she would not drink milk anymore even from a glass. So I try to cajole her (4 oz of milk every night). She still mumbles, “Hay miss ko na kasi dede in a bottle talaga eh” or “Tomorrow Mom punta tyo SM ha?” before going to sleep but she forgets about it the next day, up until she is about to sleep. So it’s just really a habit she needs to unlearn.

Happy Thoughts on a Thursday

I am always late – what is new?

1. Food for the soul last night (attended mass).
2. A client contacted me for an album project.
3. Matthew being the only 5th grader among the school’s representatives for the DSPC competition.
4. Martha finally being weaned from the bottle. Now if only I can get her to continue drinking milk in a glass. That has always been a challenge for my kids.
5. Our Smurf village going along quite nicely — it’s me and Marts’ mom-daughter bonding activity.
6. Martha knowing the “at” words – cat, hat, bat, mat. And Edil was the one who taught her.
7. So excited for fall TV to start – Glee, TVD, Supernatural, Fringe – oh year, I’m watching TV again!
8. New tunes on the iTunes.
9. Lovely lunch at Antonio’s – treated the parentals, thanks to Deal Grocer.
10. It seems to be a healthy week for the family – no one getting sick, running a runny nose, or coughing themselves through allergies. I was afraid I’d need to get medical scrubs from Marcus uniforms and be a real nurse in the homespital we call home.

Our Trip to the Land of Mouse

“To all that come to this happy place: welcome. Disneyland is your land.”—Walt Disney

When I realized my eldest was turning 10 last year, I honestly felt that I was experiencing something short of the “empty nest” syndrome. I am still quite young (30 in fact) and my memories of puberty and my teenage years are still clear. I feel scared for my son but moreso for me as a Mom. I wanted to retain his innocence and his view of the world with childlike eyes a little longer.

And, believe or not, I want to have him experience Disneyland when he is still a kid – when everything is magical still. I first saw Disneyland in Anaheim, CA when I was 16 and saw it with jaded eyes – I was too caught up with my own issues then to fully appreciate the magic of Disney. Now that I have kids I want to give them the gift of experiencing Disneyland as children. We are die-hard Disney fanatics. We have every movie – whether it be a regular film or an animated one – Disney comes out with. The cable TV is tuned into Disney almost 24/7 in our house. My kids know almost every song by heart (me included).

So my husband and I were extremely happy (and proud) that we were able to give them the Disney experience this year. We started 2011 by going on our first ever out of the country trip as a family by going to Disneyland HK. It was almost a year of saving up and doing research and (slightly) obsessing about maps, show schedules and budget money. But it was all worth it.

In Walt Disney’s words – Disneyland became our land.


We stayed for 4 days and 3 nights and explored every crook and corner of Disneyland. Save for the parade and It’s A Small World which were closed when were there, we were able to experience every ride and show. And while the whole experience was one for the books, there were a few highlights that were personally the best for me (it will differ when you ask every member of the family of course).

The Shows & Meeting the Characters
A friend told us we shouldnt miss the shows – and yes, if you go to Disney you shouldn’t! The Golden Mickeys was fabulous and the Festival of the Lion King was AMAZing!!! My five year old daughter really thought the Disney characters were real and was start struck with the Disney Princesses. She got to meet Belle, Aurora, Snow White and Cinderella – her favorite. (Of course now she wants to meet Rapunzel too!).


The Fireworks


We watched it for three nights – and I still get awestruck and teary-eyed each and every time.

The Art Animation Academy


This picture holds a close spot in my heart. This was our last stop on our last day and we would not have gone through with it if not for the persuasion of our eldest. It turns out it was one of my best memories because we drew the LGMs (Little Green Men from Toy Story) together – even our youngest was able to draw it quite nicely.

This first trip of ours was really one for the books. We wont be able to top that – the first time our kids’ jaws dropped when they saw Disneyland, my son’s constant referral to the map and show times so he can see each one, my daughter’s admiring looks on each Princess we meet – my husband and I were literally basking in those memories. My daughter keeps on asking when we will go again – around every two weeks, and while I will not cross out the possibility (Disney said BELIEVE IN DREAMS AND MAGIC!), I have to be realistic that it will be out of our budget right now.

If we had any extra, I definitely would be booking ticket for the Disney Live! Concert on October 5-9 at the SMART Arantea Coliseum.






[12 September 2011] –– Mickey Mouse and his band of friends, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy will be performing in a music mash-up of mega proportions  as Disney Live! comes to Manila and Cebu City for the first time with its newest stage show Mickey’s Music Festival.  Concert goers will hear greatest hits from the blockbuster movies, Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, and Disney/Pixar’s Toy Story remixed to rock, pop, reggae, hip-hop, jazz and country, among other jams.  Produced by Feld Entertainment, Disney Live! Mickey’s Music Festival brings the biggest concert experience to hit live family entertainment. This show is presented in the Philippines by Vivre Fort Entertainment Inc., Guess Kids and Fox International Channels.

“One song can touch millions of people around the world and Disney has been at the beat of this concept for years by making music a main ingredient of storytelling,” said Producer and CEO of Feld Entertainment Kenneth Feld.  “In Disney Live! Mickey’s Music Festival we are celebrating with the Disney characters to a soundtrack of the latest sounds and chart-topping hits. We want our guests to walk away with lasting memories and singing these unforgettable melodies long after they leave the show.”

Disney Live! Mickey’s Music Festival, featuring an all star line-up of more than 25 Disney characters,   begins with audiences watching a state-of-the-art video projection of the frenzy backstage which spills onto the stage as Mickey welcomes guests to his concert tour.  Soon thereafter, they will be transported to a new world of hip hop beats, dizzying acrobatics, flying carpets and magical transformations with Aladdin, Jasmine and Genie.  Underwater is where the crowd will meet up with Ariel, Sebastian and their nautical pals to groove to the reggae rhythm. And, family and friends will stomp to the beat as Woody, Buzz and Jessie teach them how to boogie rodeo-style.  Anyone can be a member of the band as giant-sized balloons fall from the ceiling in one scene and then in the next, Disney characters are dancing in the aisles.

“We’ve created an environment where audience members will be able to connect with the Disney stars,” said Alana Feld, Producer and Executive Vice President of Feld Entertainment. “Within each concert moment are elements of personal interaction and they will be harmonizing, dancing, laughing and having an outrageously good time with the characters right there in their city.”

Disney Live! Mickey’s Music Festival was built with a global audience in mind and a goal of being as universal as its featured music.  The father-daughter production team, Kenneth Feld and Alana Feld, has hand selected award-winning creative talents whose credits span from working with Madonna to winning a Latin Grammy®  Award to designing hundreds of costumes for Disney theme park shows:

  • Director/Choreographer Fred Tallaksen is the award-winning choreographer of Madonna’s “Sorry” video and the finale of her Confessions World Tour.  In 2008, he earned a Latin Grammy® in the Best Video category for Juanes’s “Me Enamora.” Tallaksen was also skating choreographer for “Austin Powers III-Goldmember”
  • Writer Jeremy Desmon’s credits include The Girl in the Frame, If You Give A Mouse A Cookie & Other Storybooks and Curious George Live! He received the 2007 Kleban Award for excellence in Musical Theatre Bookwriting, and is also a recipient of the Dramatists Guild’s Jonathan Larson Fellowship
  • Scenic Designer Rick Papineau is the vice president of Scenic Elements at Feld Entertainment and is credited for leading the creation of life-like versions of the characters from Disney/Pixar’s Cars that move on ice for Disney On Ice presents Worlds of Fantasy
  • Costume Designer Cynthia Nordstrom designed costumes for more than 15 original dance shows in Downtown Disney from 1996 until 1999 and is credited for designing costumes for Disney On Ice presents Worlds of Fantasy
  • Lighting Designer Sam Doty is eager to work on his second Disney Live! show after Disney Live! Mickey’s Rockin’ Road Show put him in the spotlight
  • Music Director Stan Beard has arranged and written the musical score for numerous domestic and international Disney On Ice productions; has worked in the recording studio with such luminaries as Barbra Streisand and Frank Sinatra

Disney Live! Mickey’s Music Festival is set to be staged this year at the Waterfront Cebu City Hotel from September 23-25 and at the Smart Araneta Coliseum from October 5-9. For Manila shows, tickets are exclusively available at Ticketnet (911-5555) located in SM Department stores and at the Smart Araneta Coliseum. For Cebu shows, tickets can be purchased at SM Tickets (032-231-3876) located in SM Cinemas, Waterfront Cebu City Hotel (032-232-6888) and at Ayala Center Cebu. For more details, visit or call Vivre Fort Entertainment at (02) 470 6956.

Disney Live! Mickey’s Music Festival is also brought to you by Smart Araneta Coliseum, Waterfront Cebu City Hotel, Citibank, ABS-CBN, ABS-CBN Regional Group, Araneta Center, Gateway Cineplex 10, Alimall Cineplex 4, SM Cinemas, SM City Cebu, Discovery Suites, Renowed Sound and Various Production, MYX, Manila Bulletin, Businessworld, Sunstar, Cebu Daily News, Crossover 105.1, Power FM Cebu, Love Radio 97.9, Y101 Cebu, Alcordo Advertising, Greenworld LED Solutions and Manila Concert Scene. This event is for the benefit of Senyas Kamay Pilipinas.

About Feld Entertainment

Feld Entertainment is the worldwide leader in producing and presenting live touring family entertainment experiences that lift the human spirit and create indelible memories, with 30 million people in attendance at its shows each year. Feld Entertainment’s productions have appeared in more than 70 countries on six continents and include Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey®, Feld Motor Sports, Disney On Ice and Disney Live!.

DISNEY THEATRICAL GROUP (DTG) operates under the direction of Thomas Schumacher and is among the world’s most successful commercial theatre enterprises.  Through Disney Theatrical Productions, Disney On Ice and Disney Live! , DTG brings live entertainment events to a global annual audience of more than 19 million people in more than 50 countries.  Under the Disney Theatrical Productions banner, the group produces and licenses Broadway musicals around the world, including: Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, Elton John & Tim Rice’s Aida, TARZAN® and Mary Poppins, a co-production by Disney and Cameron Mackintosh and The Little Mermaid.  Disney Theatrical Group also delivers live shows globally through its license to Feld Entertainment, producer of Disney On Ice and Disney Live! For the past 30 years, Disney On Ice and Disney Live! have brought beloved Disney stories and characters annually to over 12 million guests in nearly 70 countries worldwide through productions such as Disney On Ice presents Disney/Pixar’s Finding Nemo, Princess Wishes and Mickey & Minnie’s Amazing Journey as well as Disney Live! Mickey’s Magic Show and Three Classic Fairy Tales. In addition, DTG licenses musical titles for local, school and community theatre productions through Music Theatre International

Thank you Disney. Thank you for making us believe in magic.
And that dreams do come true!

God Whispers..

Dear Aggie,

Your wishes come from your wounds. Every dream comes from a discontent. Every petition comes from a problem. Without a wound, there can be no wish. Without a discontent, there can be no dream. Without a problem, there can be no petition. If everything is going well, what will you wish for?

Wounded Healer,


P.S. Find your wound, and you find your wish