Rapunzel Hair (Indian Remy Hair)

Martha has lovely hair. I keep receiving compliments about it. It is jet black, shiny, super straight and is not fizzy. Ever since she was a toddler, I have kept her hair at chin length with bangs resembling the cartoon character Dora. It is my way of keeping her look like a baby. Last year, we decided to let her bangs grow out. It was getting in her eyes all the time and she refuses to sit still for me to cut it regularly. She doesn’t even like to have her hair clipped.

But ever since she got into the Disney Princesses craze, she has paid more attention to her hair. She loves to wear headbands now and I would often catch her brushing her hair in front of the mirror. When we saw the movie Tangled, she had an idea of growing her hair long, like Rapunzel.

A few days ago I told her we were going to the salon to have her hair cut (She loves going to the “parlor” – her term). She was going to school in a week and I wanted to have the ends of her hair trimmed to a bob (again). To my surprise, she refused! Apparently, my mother (her Lola) told her to grow her hair long so that when she cuts it, she can use her Indian remy hair (virgin hair used for wigs) for her own. My mother is conscious with her thinning hair line and Martha’s beautiful locks deserve to be in a premium wig, like lace front wigs for black women sold in a beauty supply warehouse!

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