A Trip to the Dentist is Called For.


We need to schedule a trip to the dentist the soonest possible time. We are all due for the routine teeth cleaning every six months and the husband and I need to have some temporary fillings for some of our teeth. The kids need to have their teeth checked for cavities too. Martha’s four front teeth might need some restoration done.

Take a look:

We call her shark teeth – as her two front teeth have been slowly chipping off (bad carries). Last week, after swim class, I guess the kids were tired so they were both hogging the couch. They were both in their element so they started kicking each other. Matthew “accidentally” kicked Marts in her mouth. Hence, the chipped tooth. It actually looks better that the untouched shark tooth but I think I might bite the bullet and have the two front teeth capped once I have extra money. Martha was crying when part of her tooth chipped off. She asked me, “Mommy, am I ugly already? I have no tooth!” Martha is scared to death of having falling teeth that she considers our Raleigh Family Dentist her friend, not unlike other kids who are deathly scared of one. In fact, she would always tell me to take her to the Raleigh Dentist every time one of her teeth would ache!

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