Getting into the Basics of Things

We have been quite vocal about our wish to replace our vehicle by the end of the year. We are saving and praying hard for it and it is constantly included in our husband and wife discussions every week. First, money and expenses aside, we prefer a big vehicle. We want an SUV, minivan or van simply because we are a big family, literally and figuratively. My kids have a strange and funny habit of falling asleep five minutes into a drive, whether we are travelling to the mall or into the city. It would be better if they can sleep comfortably. We also want to accommodate our extended family (my family) since we don’t have a car and we always go to the city for events and family lunches. Speaking of safety, I just think it will be safe if I drive a bigger vehicle.

I don’t know if we can afford one though. For one thing, we are leaning towards a brand new vehicle acquisition because I realized that maintaining a second hand one might just be more expensive (I can be wrong here – I haven’t been doing my research on used car garages yet). We want to get over the car acquisition so we can move to other things, like buying a house, or travelling. Car Registration Numbers, insurance coverage, interest rates and in-house financing are just some of the few things I need to study for.

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