A Potential Gift

The husband and I were talking the other night about the kids and we both cannot believe that our eldest is turning ten this year! Almost a decade of being parents – WOW! We didn’t get to celebrate his seventh birthday with a party (It is said that you should celebrate a kid’s birthday when they turn 1, 7 and for ladies, when they turn 18, for guys, 21) because he didn’t want to, so we want to make this year a little special for him before he turns 11 and puberty starts and he gets to see birthday parties as more of social obligations than chances to have fun. We actually have a plan in the works and we need a lot of prayers to make sure it pushes through – so if ever you are reading this, please say a prayer for us (even if you do not know what it is yet!).

Maybe when he turns 18 or graduates from high school, he can have a bigger birthday present, like a car maybe? Edil never received such gift so maybe our life improves and we can give him one. This early, Edil wants a special plate made for him already. Private Number Plates are the perfect gift for people who are gifted with their own car. The private registration can be supplied and held on a certificate indefinitely and assigned to a vehicle when they are ready. This would be ideal for a young driver who is yet to own their first vehicle. See? Perfect!

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