A Solution to the Garbage Problem

We actually have a HUGE garbage problem in the city where we live. We do not have garbage collector trucks come by to collect our trash. Yes, you have heard it right. We have been living here since 2008 and I have not seen a garbage truck in the streets ever. When we first lived here, I was shocked, aghast and outraged. How do we dispose of our garbage? But we have learned to adjust, be smart and even recycle. We pay someone to collect our trash every week (He is responsible enough to throw it to a big hole dug up by a neighbor) and everything we can recycle, we recycle. These days, all plastic bottles, cans and glass bottles get sold to vendors. Papers are recycled (I have a toddler who loves to doodle). Our landlady has a lot of dogs we can give our leftover food to and as of late, we have taken interest in the compost pile our landlady maintains for her lot of land beside our house.

imageI would love to give her a more advanced garden composter bin. She still employs the traditional method – digging up a hole, dumping all organic and leftover food scraps and wait for it to turn into fertilizer. With a garden composter bin, the compost will be turned into rich fertilizer faster and it is more sanitary. It comes in all shapes and sizes and even has a little caddy for you to put in the kitchen so just need to put the leftover peeling from food preparations directly into it.

A  Worm Farm will even be a better option. Worms help decompose organic material faster and they make it odorless too. Having them in plastic bins makes it a perfect place for the worms. All you need to do is buy the  worms and put in into the Worm Factory Composter. It looks like this:


This is known as vermicomposting and the rule here is for every pound of garbage from the kitchen you need two pounds of worms. And the worms are not ordinary worms – it needs to be the red worm and red wrigglers. When you put your pile in the bin and put the worms in, you should see them burrowing into the pile – and you can now safely assume they will be doing their job well!

You should even consider getting a  composting toilet especially if you live in a place with scarce water. I have read the waste in flushed toilets have 90% water in them. Think how water we waste every single day. The toilets I see online are sanitary and very easy to install and maintain. They evaporate the liquid and turn the solid part in wastes into salts which can be used for fertilizer too.

That is what we call full recycling!

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