Welcome October!

Hello October.

I can never welcome any month more than now with open arms. The third quarter-ish of the year went from bad to worst (June-September) with the month of September ending with so much devastation, tragedy and pain. I know of friends and loved ones who are directly affected by flood brought about by Typhoon Ondoy and I am at a loss on how to comfort them. I also cannot even feel to be lucky that my family was spared because really now, all I am right now is scared of more things that will come, and how much my own children will have to go through. We all hear about the signs of the times since the turn of the century and while I am reminded of it every now and then, trying to go through life with hope in one’s heart without being acutely aware of it is hard. Until now.

I believe in the power of prayer. And I have faith that the Lord will keep me safe. I do not pray for things not to happen, because it is written and set, but I pray that we will be strong enough to weather through them, and that somehow, through prayer and change, it will be lessened.

It really is hard to write about this tragedy. Do I go about criticizing the government? No, I won’t, there are too much people already biting their asses. Do I go about blaming ourselves for the lack of concern with the environment? Partly. Tragedies like these are not God’s wrath to men, but are rather long-term effects of what people are doing to themselves as early as the 60s. There are people who say it is the effect of men’s sins and unrepentance. Partly. Yes. Maybe. But I won’t go prophetic and spiritual here. If you really try to discern things – these recent turn of events are the effects of people’s forgetfulness. People have forgotten how simple life NEEDS to be so that true happiness and contentment can be attained. People have forgotten to stay focused on the ultimate purpose of life. People have forgotten how to love and change for the better. Now, people are trying to go back to their roots – simple life. An article I read from the Simple Mom clearly sums up everything I have realized:

For me, every thing I do is a new discovery and sometimes an effort. When I thought about my childhood, I wondered if the secret to living a frugal and green life might be in our ability to recreate the life our parents and grandparents lived.

Now certain parts of the world are experiencing tragedies as well. Earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanic eruption warnings. People are scared. And only then do they turn to God for help. It is so heartbreaking that it takes this much for people to realize, and to try to change.

But living means hoping. My heart is full of pride when I read stories of people’s heroism and selfless acts to save people’s lives and help each other. Bayanihan is alive. The youth is alive – you see them frontlining relief efforts, you see them actively helping. And for once, many people are actually praying.

I believe in the power of prayer.

And now it’s October.
Hello October. Please help us forget September.

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