My Turf: the Kitchen

Who would have thought I would love being in the kitchen?

Well, scratch that. I’ve only been cooking ALL the time since Saturday so I might not be sick of it yet. Plus Edil cooked last night because I got so tired washing all the dishes (yes a family of four consumes a lot of plates and I wash the cooking utensils too!) – so he cooked his specialty fried chicken with gravy (thank you Del Monte!).

Anyway, yes, I’m enjoying cooking. So far, I’ve fed my kids complete meals since Saturday but I still need help in knowing which spice is needed. For example, when I cook a tomato-based dish, and it’s too sour, what would I get to countertaste? Salt, fish sauce or soy sauce?

I also have listed the kitchen utensils I want to get – these are small stuff which I can get when we do groceries every Saturday. I will buy them one by one so I can complete them in 3 months time.

There are anolon utensils I love to get:


And some circulon cookware. I want to get this non-stick Chef’s pan:

I all saw these from the Move Cookshop web site. They offer a variety of contemporary & premium cookware at a great price!

Tell me what you think!

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