Major Mommy Boo Boo

Last Thursday, after Matthew went to school, I cleaned up Martha’s bottles and sterilized them. That was around 6:30AM. But since I was so sleep-deprived (Martha slept at 3AM), I decided to take a nap beside the girl, completely forgetting the sterilized bottles in the stove. In my dream, there was somebody trying to wake me up but I didn’t want to get up. I think I was half-awake for a good five minutes before I felt like somebody touched my feet. I woke up, got up and smelled something burning. I went outside, looked for neighbors who might be burning leaves, nothing. So I went back inside, opened my laptop and checked my e-mails. The burning smell was quite disturbing already since I smelled plastic too. I got up checked around and saw our stove. I completely forgot all about it!! Mind you, it was already 11AM!! Thank God we didn’t burn the house or else we would have been killed.

Thank you to our angels and thank you Ate.

Lesson of the Story: Make sure you drink coffee especially if you are a mom who is deprived of sleep. :)

Be safe everyone.

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10 thoughts on “Major Mommy Boo Boo


    naku naku naku!
    although this happened to me a lot of times hahaha kaya nga may biglang dumating na firetruck sa doorstep namin kasi pala pag nag alarm ang fire alarm dito sa bahay sumisignal na sa admin ng townhouse tapos timbre nila ang fire station lol! OA sila dito.

    ano nangyari sa bottles?

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