Dad and his girls.

**I originally titled this Dad and her girls…bwahahaha, thanks to whoever noticed, you didnt to comment anonymously :)*


My dad turned a year older today. A year older, a year wiser, a year given to his life.

My Dad always told us he might never reach 60. Or even 50. Now he is 58 and I know those 8 years were just additional life terms given by the Big Man up there. I am thankful that despite my Dad’s many many health complications we can still go out, do father-daughter things and most of all, he can still enjoy his grandkids 😀

A year ago, he told us that he is now living for his grandkids. I know Matthew and especially Martha give him so much joy and something to look forward to everyday. Especially now that we live so near. It kinda reminds me of this picture taken a year ago:


IMG_9387 IMG_9389

If you know my Dad, you will never see him smiling or even acting for picture taking. These pictures are priceless to me. And seeing him with Martha makes me see how he was with me when I was a kid.

Many people tell me I’m my Dad’s favorite :P. Maybe because I’m such a certified Daddy’s girl. Or maybe because I wanted to follow in his footsteps. Or maybe because we look alike :D. On my 18th birthday, my Dad ended his speech on my celebration by saying, “ You were the first (daughter). You will always be the first.”

I know I broke his heart when I got pregnant at 19. Yet I never heard a word from him of disgust, shame or anger. He didnt even flinch when I told him I didnt want to get married. Him who is head of our religious organization, the very breath of me getting pregnant and NOT wanting to get married would be a scandal to his name. Yet he said, scandals don’t hurt him. He was with me the whole time I was pregnant, he taught me how to cook, he bought me ice cream at 10PM and even taught me how to breastfeed three hours after I gave birth (my Mom was knocked out of worry she didnt sleep the whole time I was in labor. Dad slept through it though).

Yet he was still proud of me. A cousin of mine told me my Dad told her that eventhough I got pregnant unexpectedly he has seen me try na itama ang aking buhay.

IMG_9419 I dont know if my Dad remembers this, but I told him once Im going to make him proud of me some day. Im 27 now and feel like Im going nowhere. So my only wish is that my Dad live longer so he can see how his efforts to raise me have borne fruit – I wanna make him proud of what I WILL become soon. I know my time is running short.

So…I know my Dad reads my blog ya know 😀

So Daddy,

I know Im making tsismis on my blog again but you read naman it’s all about the good things :). I love you and I hope you take care of your health. People still need you. We need you. I know you are tired and ready to go. I once told you you need to wait until I walk down the aisle. Now Im telling you to wait because there is another apo on the way but he or she is not coming anytime soon. Kawawa naman sya walang magiispoil sa kanya. Me apo ka pang darating sa tatlo ko pang kapatid.

Think how many years it can add to your life :)
Thank you for everything, and for showing me how to be a great parent to my kids. My only hope is that I can impart all the wisdom you have shared with me to my kids, long after you are gone.

I will always be your Piggy Gie 😀
And yes, I can print this and make this my card for you. I dont give you cards anymore do I?

Love you,

Agatha *(because my Dad likes me real name)*

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17 thoughts on “Dad and his girls.

  1. Glo


    You are so lucky. To have your Dad around (forever siguro kong bitter for not meeting mine ever) and one who wants nothing but to love and look out for his kids and wife.

    Alam mo don’t say you haven’t became anybody yet. You are a good daughter, mom and wife. And your they all think the world about you.

    Happy birthday to tito B.

    Glos last blog post..Calling – Wanda

  2. Litzie

    You are somebody already Aggie, I agree with Glo and Joy. You are one of my inspirations and I hope you’re Dad will read this, we are many online and I’m sure more pa who knows you in real life pa. I’m sure your Daddy is mighty proud of you!

    Happy Birthday to Tito. Ayan naki-Tito na ako. I just don’t know what to call him and since magkakaibigan na tayo online I hope you don’t mind.

    May God shower him more years of life and love.

    Litzies last blog post..SAHM

  3. maver

    hi aggie.

    i envy you for having a dad so near you. my dad’s here but he now lives with his second family. i wish i could also have the luxury of having him spend time with us and his grandkids.

    you are blessed to have such a wonderful dad, as he is blessed to have a loving daughter in you.

    hope he has a good one.

    mavers last blog post..NOW SHOWING

  4. Gracie

    what a moving post! i’m sure your Dad will love your message – very heartfelt and sincere.
    i’m also the eldest in a brood of 3 girls. and i was told many times that i was my Dad’s favorite, too so i can somehow relate to you. but i hope you don’t rush to become something else to make your Dad proud. you already are special and great in your own ways, and i’m sure he is proud of you. you are incredibly smart & turned out to be a person of good values. you are a hands on Mom, a dutiful wife, a wonderful sister and a trusty friend…you are a beautiful person inside and out. that’s what matters most.
    happy birthday to your Dad!

    Gracies last blog post..greatest achievement in life

  5. kathycot

    ang sikip ng dibdib ko… *sniff,sniff* for sure, daddy is so proud of you… :) i’m not my dad’s favo but I know he surely loves me, d lalo ka pa dahil super fave ka nya! Happy Birthday to your dad! :)

  6. alpha


    you’re so lucky to have your daddy at kasama nyo pa din sya ngayon. naku naiiyak na siguro si daddy mo habang binabasa to.. alam mo, di mo lang alam you pero made your daddy proud in so many ways. you need not prove youself. {this was the same thing a friend told me.}

  7. Joey

    Sobrang na touch ako! You’re so lucky your dad is still around. I miss my dad! He wasn’t even around long enough to see his apo.

    I’m sure your dad is very proud of you, what you’ve done and what you’ve become. :)

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