10 Inventions That Have Made Life Easier

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You can pick inventions that were created in the last decade, century, millenia or whenever. I’m pretty sure that my list doesn’t include world changing inventions, and there may be some inventions that I have taken for granted and haven’t even thought of, but here’s mine:

**Im going to exclude electricity, public roads and highways and basic “needs” here (shelter, food, clothing, water, etc).

1. Hands down – THE internet. I have learned so much online, met friends, earned more money than I could imagine, and still it never fails to amaze. WIRELESS internet is icing on top of a ginormous, delicious cake :)

2. The computer.

3. The microwave. Because I cannot eat cold food.

4. The refrigerator. Because I cannot drink warm water :)

5. The TV + DVD + music players (MP3 players). How did people entertain themselves without them? Im going to add the Wii but I havent gotten it yet 😛

6. Car and public transport. I would be so much sexier without it, but Id be burnt, tired and too ugly to be even noticed (that I was sexy!)

7. Something mundane – a nailcutter. Imagine have very very long unkempt nails!

8. Napkins (the sanitary kind) – enough said.

9. The birth of digital photos. Hallelujah for that!!!

10. Lastly, anesthesia. Because I couldnt even begin to imagine giving birth normally to two kids without it!

Have fun and join us!

4 thoughts on “10 Inventions That Have Made Life Easier

  1. Joyce T.

    Nice to meet you. :) I read your “About” and am so with you on the chocolate, coffee, cake (and just about everything else you listed, too). I did in fact list drip coffee maker as one important invention. :)

  2. Joe Takkle

    I was going to say you forgot the invention of the air conditioning, but it can be linked to the refrigeration process. Other than that, perfect list.

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