It's all about Faith.

Happy Thursday!
I leave you with a nice prayer forwarded by a good friend. I love it so much, I made it into something nice 😀

May you be reminded to put your full, unquestioning trust in the Lord :)


Tell me what you think!

4 thoughts on “It's all about Faith.

  1. Anna Marie

    so true :) nakakapagod na rin kasi magisip, so the best thing to do really is, let go and let God. :)

  2. Abaculus

    What a beautiful prayer. I could remember I always had a favorite prayer before I went to sleep. I made sure to say it every night. Hope its alright for me to share it.

    Now I lay me down to sleep.
    I Pray the Lord my soul to keep.
    and if I die before I wake.
    I Pray the Lord my soul to take.

    Hello from USA

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