The pink and brown wedding.

It’s actually flattering.

I have had over 200-250 hits everyday for the last couple of months. And you know which posts were most viewed? My wedding preps posts. The google search words were related to my wedding (Dangwa, Alex Franco cakes, wedding preps, Caleruega, Sonya’s, PINK AND BROWNdo you know how many searched for it? 89!!!), and yes, Ive got to thank Mimi and Karl for referring many visitors too. (They’ve got a new site, check it out!). And, of course, w@w.

 17 months later and the happiest day of our lives are still helping others make their own dream wedding come true.

Edil promised we would celebrate our 5th year with another wedding. Given where we are right now, that might be unlikely. But you bet this wouldnt stop me from planning our 10th, hehehe. And yes, it would still have PINK on it :). (and Mimi and Karl will still be covering it!)

Side kwento:
One of my officemates sent the link from our wedding pictures to her friend who was getting married. The friend’s officemate squealed when she saw Edil. It turns out he was one of her crushes in Mapua High and when he went to college in Mapua. LOL. Sige na nga, gwapo na nga asawa ko 😀 He is looking for a job as a Mechanical Engr (but not a board passer). Any suggestions? We are currently finding a way for him to go out of the country first since I cant afford to test my waters since I still have a baby to nurse and take care of. Ang hirap na talaga ng buhay sa Pinas.

Tell me what you think!

3 thoughts on “The pink and brown wedding.

  1. Jen

    hi aggie, re: edil looking for a job as a mech engr — how about proctor & gamble? hubby is also a mech engr (never took the boards… thinks it’s a waste of time :D) and he worked for many years at p&g. he always said benefits were excellent, esp. with a family.

  2. gracita

    hi aggie. try searching at for oppurtunities abroad. almost all my friends, including me and harvs, found jobs overseas through this site. but they are normally looking for people with experience in the field so edil might want to find something in pinas first, kahit 6months lang and then apply overseas! goodluck!! :)

  3. abby


    mapuan din si jong nung college, anong batch ba si edil? anyhoo, may kakilala din kami naghanap lang ng work through internet job sites, nung pumasa nakasama buong family nung guy dito. pa-try mo si edil dun sa mga naga-outsource, baka sakali!

    good luck! :)

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