Today we will know..

…if Martha will come out OR I need to hang on just a few days more. I have an OB appointment in an hour so we will see if my cervix is still closed. If it is, she’ll have me go in for an U/S and for some fetal monitoring (if Im having contractions but havent really felt anything) just to find out if the baby is doing well. If Im open by 2cms., she will go right ahead and induce me. Personally, Id want to be induced already. Carrying her for 40 weeks (10 months!!!) is taking a toll on me already. Im getting anxious and depressed.

Well, yesterday (actually Saturday night and early Sunday morning) was heaven for me. Internet connection was restored and I was able to fully take part online for the NSD Celebrations. Im definitely a level above my passion for scrapbooking now. I have met a few very nice online friends who inspire me so much that I have filled most of idea book on ideas and sketches I would love to do. I actually went on a little shopping, but not too much, since I am on a lot of creative teams who give me such amazing kits to work with.

I actually purchased stuff from 2Peas, ACOT, Shabby Shoppe, Designer Digitals and spent my GC at SBB. Want to know which kits I bought? :)

2Peas: The one day limited edition of NSD Cheer by Rhonna Farrer. Ive always loved Rhonna’s stuff and blog but never have had the chance to splurge on her kits, maybe when Im familiar with brushes and all. But the kit’s colors are gorgeous and HUGE for the price, the brushes are something I can actually learn to use over and over again.

ACOT: The collaborative kit called Circle of Friends. I just finished downloading all 5 or 6 download links and the kit is GINORMOUS and AWESOME (ok, I need synonyms to awesome please? LOL).

I spent most of my time at the Shabby Shoppe and Designer Digitals for the chats. The DD designers and CT girls were so kind and amazing! The room was small (we were only averaging about 20-35 people), so everyone had the chance to talk about themselves. Ive learned so much from Katie and now want to order books from :) They also gave freebies every hour and the chat was all day! Can you imagine? I think I managed to get around 8 freebies (because I need to sleep for 3 hours, LOL), and about 4 of them were items from the store, even new releases! Love them..all of them! DD is fast becoming my fave place to shop, teehee. Now, if only I can get to post my LOs in their gallery, you can see some seriously fabulous stuff in there. I was also able to get some stuff from their store, love their embellishments and stamps!!

I would have wanted to get stuff from Holly’s and Dani’s and SSD, but I dont have Paypal, which if I really think about it, is better for me, since I can control my spending. :)

Now, I have a list of kits I need to use, on top of all the gorgeous kits from my CTs I need to scrap! I already have Ange Dawn’s new kit called Eleven, and I know Andrea Burns’ going to release the new installment for her HourGlass collection, and her new kit, called Playtime, is out in ACOT already. Be sure to check them out! Andrea Victoria is making her really exciting kit and I’ve only seen previews of it, but I bet it’s still in her signature – classy, modern and contemporary :)

PLUS, I am proud to announce I’m on another creative team! Kristin Cronin-Barrow has picked me to be one of her members and Im excited to be working for another TDC designer. As you know, TDC is my first home and will always be my home. Im going to make a LO within the week for her upcoming kits! Just wait :)

I also made it to Round two for the Ultimate Digiscrapper Contest!! Yay! This week’s prompt is tough, and 100 will be cut off so Im not counting on it, but this should make me scrap outside of my box again! Have a general idea already, but I want to try a different style which I havent done before, we will see….

Ok, Im out and headed to the hospital, wish me luck!

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