Manong, 150 pesos lang laman ng wallet ko!

There is always a first time for everything. And just when I thought there is nothing really worth blogging about, life gives me an event so comically hilarious.

Mayabang akong tao. In a sense na kahit ako ay nakatira sa lugar na kakumpetensya ng Tondo sa gulo at dami ng siga, ay hindi pa, kailan pa man, ako nagagago. In short, hindi pa ako nasnasnatch-an, holdap, hipo, atbp. Aba, never. Magaling akong tao. Maingat. Id rather take a cab and spend thrice the fare of going home, or wear my oldest shirt and dont bother taking a bath when going to Quiapo, than to encounter the famous people Recto, Quiapo, and Dimasalang are known for ~ snatchers and robbers.

Kaso lang, siguro sabi ng tadhana, tumatanda na ako. Wala akong makukuwento sa mga apo ko tungkol sa encounter sa mga hoodlum. So, binigyan nya ako.

I got robbed on my way to work last Tuesday.
To think that I haven't taken the jeep in a month since my shift starts at 6AM. I get up at 5AM and dash out of the house at 5:30. Going to Makati takes 15 mins via Nagtahan so I go taxi.

I woke up at 4AM, happy to have the chance to commute going to work (When my shift started at 6:30AM, commuting at 5:30AM is safe. Ang dami ng tao sa kalye.) So I go take a jeep at 5AM, with my wet hair.

10 minutes into the jeepney ride, a man in his fifties said “Ma, para” and held on to my bag na parang kanya. Ako naman, parang tanga, tumingin sa kamay nya at sasabihin dapat na “Manong, ung kamay nyo” kasi cream yung bag ko no, canvass, madudumihan (ang arte no?!). Ayun, sabi nya “Miss, akin na bag mo.” Aba, natameme na ako! I struggled and was about to kick his groin, pero naglabas sya ng panaksak na may kalawang so I let him go. My tetanus vaccinces are not updated. But I screamed at him, “MAAAANNNNNOOOOONG!” when he ran. I was about to tell him, “150 pesos lang laman ng wallet ko! Tangina ka!” The contents were priceless though, all my cards were there, my planner (I still cry everytime I think about all the details that were lost there, the Manong, Id like to think, doesnt know how to read English), and pictures of Matthew last New Year. The bag, the wallet, the phone were all less than a month old with me. The bag and the wallet splurges from me for passing the board, the phone a gift from Edil. Nanggigil pa din ako.

What added to my panggigigil, wass that, it was such a hassle calling in and requesting a replacement for all the cards I've lost. Gagastos pa ako ng mahigit 2K para lang ipareplace lahat ng ID na nawala. Eto pa, I called customer service of this certain bank to have my ATM blocked. Sabi 7.30AM pa daw open nila. Aba! I call 7.30, down ang system. Susmio. So, when Mr. Messenger of XX credit card arrived at my house to give my replacement card and asked for an ID, I snapped. “Manong, wala akong ID eh. Nanakaw lahat.” “Kahit ano na lang po, Madam. Kailangan po eh.” “Kahit luma?” “Opo”. I gave him my High School ID. Potah.

Oh well, karma kicks in to good people.
I just hope that manong isnt obsessing about my picture yet. Hehehe.
Since, I was malas this week; next week, Im going to get lucky.
You guys just wait.

Tell me what you think!

One thought on “Manong, 150 pesos lang laman ng wallet ko!

  1. lady maridel

    had similar experience yesterday .. am from pampanga and just went to Mla for a visit in Divisoria…Napag tripan ko lang sumakay ng jeepney.
    Grabe! it was terrifying. kalawangin nga balisong nila… arrghhh….

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