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Watching: HIMYM finale. Actually, re-watching the whole final season.
Reading: Finished Eleonor and Park. I want to read another paperback. (I read the last one with a paperback!)
Listening: Happy – Glee version
Making: Rules of Summer for the kids. Cooking.
Feeling: A bit like I’m running out of time.
Planning: Budget cuts to save for the kids’ tuition fees.
Loving: All of four, together, everyday.
Enjoying: Discussions with Mato, talks with Marts everyday. I live for conversations like these.

*Me Edition*

Today, Aggie, we believe God wants you to know that …

most of your words are unnecessary.

All too often you speak simply to fill the space with sound, because you feel too uncomfortable with the silence. But this silence is golden. Only in silence you can hear God speak to you. Only in silence can a real prayer, a heart prayer be born. Next time you start chattering, stop and feel into the silence, feel its shape, its texture, and then slowly and silently say only what really has to be said.

Today, Aggie, we believe God wants you to know that …

there is a time for birth.

What is within you crying out to be birthed into the world right now? What talent do you have that is ready to be used? What project have you been endlessly thinking about that is ready to be birthed into physical reality? And what dreams do you have for this precious planet? God can help midwife your dreams.

Happy Thoughts 3/2014

HappyThoughts1. Accepting a challenge to blog straight for 30 days.
2. Having a plan for my creative projects.
3. Super good business for my husband, the MB Project (please like our FB page, will share more soon!).
4. Having the Kuya home for summer. He will be with us everyday! Hurray!
5. Great family time with my mom and siblings last weekend.
6. Watched an Oscar movie, American Hustle, last weekend.
7. Sudoku.
8. Book list to read.
9. Friends I can talk to.
10. Just the feeling that I am being productive!